From: United for Independent Radio
To: KPFA Community
Re: KPFA Fair Campaign Provisions

The KPFA Election is over and we want to thank everyone for your care and support of KPFA and Pacifica at this urgent time. In an attempt to address one final issue, we are writing on behalf the candidates in the KPFA Local Station Board election who were supported by United for Independent Radio.  

An election complaint about the following statement sent from UIR in an email on August 15, 2019.   On the that date, we wrote. 

Opponents say the paid staff local union, CWA Local 9415, prevented unpaid staff from getting union representation.  
Fact:  This is an anti-union division promoting lie. The National Labor Relations Act only covers employees, by law unpaid people are not eligible for union coverage.

Today we post: In 1997 when the CWA bargaining unit was formed at KPFA-FM, there was no prohibition of unpaid staff membership in a bargaining unit in effect from the National Labor Relations Board. Our statement that such a rule was in effect at the time in our email of August 15th was false as was the statement that our opponents were “anti-union” or telling a “lie”. We regret the error.

Pacifica hopefully is turning a corner. We have a professional iED and NETA is doing a great job helping us pull together finances for our audits.

In 2019 the laws are different than they were in 1997. We made a statement in August 2019 based on current history. CWA Local 9415 has created enormous protections for unpaid staff and represented them vigorously. We will have a full discussion on labor law, CW history at KPFA, and unpaid staff who we rely on heartily to keep us going. Please notice the platform of UIR especially the last point. We hope we can all pull together and be of use in these difficult times of climate collapse and vicious deadly political climate.