I’m excited to have the opportunity, once again, to serve on the LSB as a United Candidate!  I’ve participated as a member on both the local and national Pacifica boards. Each year of board experience has afforded me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how to best utilize my skills to help and sustain KPFA and the Pacifica network.  I want to actively work with others to build our listenership and legacy.  Outreaching to youth and involving communities throughout the Bay Area in inclusionary events and activities will help us to move forward.

I’m a Program Director for the City of Oakland and have years of experience in program planning, grant/fundraising and community development.  I’ve serve on several community based boards over the past thirty years including: A Safe Place (Domestic Violence) and East Bay Peace Action.  As a choir director (Vukani Mawethu) and cultural and labor/union activist, I continue to reach out to build progressive bridges with others; and, through collaborative forces such as: AZWAT (Arab/Muslim) choir, La Pena Choir and Rocking Solidarity Labor Chorus, churches, public and private organizations we can further enhance KPFA/Pacifica’s outreach and listenership!

I envision working closer with communities to support free speech radio by collaborating and partnering with marginalized members of the community and progressive groups to keep our station vibrant, funded and that of having a “voice” for and by the people a true reality.   Please vote for me and the other United candidates.