I’m Carol Wolfley, a community mediator, helping mobilize to resolve 4 major challenges for KPFA and Pacifica:  governance, finances, urgently needed programming and outreach.

I strongly believe there are problems with the Pacifica governance structure.  It is widely agreed that the size and composition of the Pacifica National Board (PNB) should be rethought.  Currently the PNB is made up of 4 Directors from each station plus 2 affiliate Directors.  The question for me is how to balance fair democratic participation with skilled management of a network worth over $100 million.  KPFA is Pacifica’s strongest station with around 15,500 members, the other stations have less.  I am exploring the possibilities of a bylaw amendment for proportional representation based on the number of members at each station with up to 3 Directors from each station.  UIR is discussing many bylaw change possibilities.  I consider addressing the Pacifica structure critical. Major changes should be made as soon as possible.  Restructuring the board will help Pacifica stabilize to address its debt and protect KPFA’s mortgaged building.

On Pacifica’s Programming Committee I advocate for investigative journalism covering: climate emergency, social, racial, immigration and economic justice, peace, healthcare and education for all. For protection of media integrity, I oppose corporate underwriting.

As Secretary of KPFA’s LSB I’ve drafted agreements for respectful collaboration, distributed thousands of KPFA program guides, co-ordinated outreach, recruited interns, organized podcasts about spiritual resources for social justice, helped plan KPFA’s International Women’s Day programming and helped resolve a flooding crisis in KPFA’s building.

I helped create and distribute thousands of KPFA program guides and co-ordinate KPFA’s outreach at author and community events. I help recruit volunteers, interns, apprentices and production technicians for KPFA. I am a liaison to KPFA’s Community Advisory Board and helped resolve a flooding crisis in KPFA’s building.

I organized a diverse community team producing podcasts about spiritual resources for social justice work. I participated in planning KPFA’s International Women’s Day programming, and organized a KPFA event on conscious death and legacies. And I worked with two  KPFA producers interviewing homeless activists about securing land for intentional tent communities.

I wrote a LSB resolution to support coverage of the dire situation of Julian Assange including opposing attacks on all courageous journalists. I encourage KPFA’s efforts to seek out reliable sources for presenting facts with analysis and attribution, asking challenging questions and having call-Ins for quality reporting that is both searchable and interactive.

In other areas of my life, I deeply appreciate the people I worked with from Occupy Oakland, Berkeley Post Office Defenders and First They Came for the Homeless, I speak Spanish, I’m a mom, a retired special education teacher, a community mediator, and a permaculture gardener.  I love dance, music, poetry and natural healing. I explore philosophy and spiritual ideas, stories, and history to find life affirming culture in the face of widespread trauma.

Please VOTE for me Carol Wolfley and the United for Independent Radio candidates in the KPFA Local Station Board Election.