Christina Huggins, listener since 1965, former 1st Executive Vice President of CWA Local 9415 from 2002 to 2015.  Alameda Labor Council member from 2010 to 2015 Other posts held: the Board of “The House” (providing assistance for family members of inmates at San Quentin), Steering Committee of Marin People for Peace, Human Rights work in Chile in 2001, V.P. of CWA Local 9404, Exec. Committee of Marin Labor Council. Currently Chair of KPFA LSB.

KPFA is a vital resource for left and progressive communities and occupies a unique space for reporting information due to its independence from corporate sponsors.  I am running because the loan Pacifica took out presents an existential threat to KPFA and Pacifica; we need to meet that challenge with camaraderie and creativity.  I support major bylaw changes of sort and the robust discussion on these matters within our UIR coalition.  I am adamantly opposed to corporate underwriting as a funding source.  Please vote for me, Christina Huggins, and United for Independent Radio Candidates.

I support the well-trained staff and volunteers who are critical to the station’s success.  I am grateful that we have a capable and talented General Manager who has a background in radio.  I support his working on community outreach (movies once a month and many other public events scheduled) and sending out a monthly newsletter to members. This provides greater opportunities for KPFA to expand its audience.

I will work to keep KPFA vibrant and alive, and to work with the other LSB Members in developing strategies to expand funding sources.  It is important to listen to all perspectives, and that will enhance our ability to be successful in making KPFA continue to be the important resource it is far into the future.

The next year and a half will be extremely challenging, as the 3.25 Million dollar loan will be due in full at the end of that period of time.  In September or October, the Network is obligated to begin to pay interest only payments of $22 or $23,000 a month at a time that some other stations are unable to pay their monthly Central Services obligations to Pacifica.  (KPFA is current with theirs.)  The good news is that the Pacifica National Board now has meetings that are functional, respectful and they are working on a way to address this critical issue.