My name is Craig Dunkerley and I’m running for KPFA’s Local Station Board. For the last 2 years I’ve served as Facilitator of the KPFA – Community Advisory Board (CAB). We collect and analyze listener feedback regarding station programming.  I’ve long held the conviction that independent quality media is essential to our democracy, and that conviction has only grown stronger these past few years. The Pacifica Radio Network in general, and KPFA in particular, are virtually unique in today’s media arena. I believe their survival and ability to thrive and grow are both crucial and in danger of fading away. We must not let that happen. For a while now I’ve been advising the Local Station Board on questions of parliamentary procedure. I’m now anxious to be an official member of the Board and do my part to ensure KPFA has a long, bright, and vibrant future. I believe my years of experience in communication, mediation and conflict resolution will be useful in that collaborative effort, as will my background in financial planning.

I’ve been a progressive activist in the South Bay Area for many years, focusing most of my energies on getting special interest money out of politics. As Southbay Coordinator for California Clean Money Campaign, a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan organization, I’ve helped lead the effort that resulted in the 2017 passage of the California DISCLOSE Act, a law which has brought much greater transparency to the question of who really funds ballot measure political ads, a media phenomenon that’s been drowning in “Dark Money” for far too long. In 2018 our efforts yielded passage of the Social Media DISCLOSE Act which will bring the same sort of “true funder” disclosure to political ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This year we’re working on 4 more pieces of legislation that will help get rid of Dark Money and secure our elections.

We have a lot of work to do and difficult decisions to make. I’m chafing at the bit to get started, but first I need your vote. When you receive your ballot, please consider Craig Dunkerley. Onward and upward. Thanks.