I support the continued development of KPFA’s unique, inclusive organizational culture.

The promotion of Cooperative Partnership culture, both within the station community, and in leading cultural change in society at large, is one way to enact the founding Vision and Mission of KPFA and Pacifica.

In our internal coalition discussions on Pacifica structure, I lean toward proportional representation  on the Pacifica National Board which would make the number of Directors each station has on the Pacifica National Board proportional to the number of paid members of each station.  Restructuring is a vital step in our evolution; and may need to be revisited in a decade as our listener-sponsor base shifts with planetary internet access.

Our challenge is to fine tune our programming and build our audience and community participation to approximate that of our signal area, especially the marginalized 70% of our neighbors who most need the fundamental change in our society and culture called for in our Mission Statement.

Our station can adopt the vision of ourselves as a Learning Community in the process of doing the Station better and better; we can facilitate our listener-sponsors functioning as a Learning Community in the process of fundamentally transforming the society in which we live.

Some aspects of our culture that need ongoing investment are

(a) Mindful Witness and Stress Management,

(b) Skillful, Respectful Communication,

(c) Accountability on our Mission, Goals, Projects, Budgets, etc.,

(d) Leadership that allows bold but affordable experiments, owning & learning from mistakes,

(e) eliminate oppressive “Isms”, make structural reforms, and build skills in inclusion,

(f) continuing to cultivate an inclusive and socially-just set of processes so that no group is privileged nor deprived AND our community continues to move in the direction of respectful, compassionate communication  and efficient ways of working together;

(g) investing in Leadership Development for staff, board members, and contracted volunteers, so that they continually improve on aspects (a) through (f) as well as personnel evaluation, managerial communication, and coaching for peers and subordinates.