Greetings, I’m Marilla Argüelles. I’m running for re-election to the Local Station Board because KPFA is a haven of sanity as inequities in our economy and culture widen. Too many of my friends, family, and community never hear alternatives to the justifications and platitudes spewed out by establishment media, but KPFA connects me to potential allies and resources daily.

It’s helped me through my long struggle as an advocate and program developer, and now with my writing, to support students, prisoners, and others confronting racism, stigma, and deprivation.

In 1993 Flashpoints introduced me to California Prison Focus which gave me the honor of editing Extracts From Pelican Bay:  unauthorized drawings, essays, and poems smuggled out of this country’s first maximum security sensory deprivation units.

Now I’m writing a self-help guide for undervalued, over pressured teens, Why You Don’t Matter – Yet! Teens deserve to understand that the pressures they’re struggling with are due not to their personal flaws or “lack of grit” but to educational systems infected with the same uncritical worship of “growth, profit, and technology” that infects our personal belief and political systems. I can help KPFA and the Archives become more of a resource for teachers and teens.