Greetings, I am Mark Van Landuyt, candidate for KPFA LSB. I love KPFA.

I am an experienced communication and radio guy;  a producer and writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, heard on Pacifica Radio (originating from KPFK) and The Young Turks Network.

I am chairman of Our Revolution Contra Costa and have been working on Progressive campaigns from California to New York. I am also the outgoing Northern California Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.

What KPFA provides is needed now more than ever before, Public Corporate-free radio for The People – Pacifica.  Yet Pacifica is facing major financial challenges.  I pledge to pay attention and work to  make sure KPFA remains strong, robust, and vibrant.

KPFA as the anchor station of the singular corporate free radio network in the US, Pacifica, our programming expertise should be a model for our sister stations with whom we are financially and legally bound.

We need to make sure KPFA remains strong, robust, and vibrant. I am new to the LSB conversations. Many people I respect suggest there is a critical conversation required about Pacifica’s governance structure.  I look forward to understanding more.  My life as led me to understand the importance of organizational structure.  I love KPFA, we are important.

My name is Mark Van Landuyt.  Please vote for me and all our candidates.