Shirah Dedman

Independent Documentary Journalist, Attorney, Associate of Equal Justice Inititate, ACBA Volunteer Housing Advocate

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Mark Van Landuyt

Chair Our Revolution Contra Costa, Nor Cal Vice Chair California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus. Producer/ writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, on KPFK and The Young Turks

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Luci Riley

25 year ICU Nurse, CNA leader, Single Payer Activist, Richmond Alliance, Voting Rights activist, Our Revolution Contra Costa Board member

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Maria Judice

Visual storyteller in cinema, photography and public art. Award winning writer/director and producer, Wired magazine called her a “film maker provocateur”

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Chris Cory

Pacifica National Board Director, Musician, entrepreneur
businessman, LSB member
former KPFA Treasurer

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Susan da Silva

On first elected KPFA LSB, former Chair of Free Speech Radio News, works against child sexual abuse

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Donald Goldmacher

Film director and producer Heist,(2011) and The Long Shadow (2017). A practicing psychiatrist for 47 years. Former KPFA LSB member

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Lily Kimura

Family Law Attorney, instructor in Asian Studies UC Berkeley, was a producer and host on Board of CAL KALX radio, former president Alameda County Bar Association

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William Campisi

Medical Malpractice practice
Attorney - for patients, KPFA LSB current Board member

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Sharon Adams

Patent and Trademark attorney, current KPFA treasurer, former VP SF National Lawyers Guild Chapter

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Ahmad Anderson

Former Pacifica Human Resources Director, former KPFA iGM, current LSB member

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Craig Dunkerley

Community Advisory Board, Activist, Parliamentarian. Avid Listener

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