I bring a South Bay perspective to KPFA and hope to explore this further through outreach and news coverage. I have worked as a progressive activist for many years and currently serve on the Santa Clara County Citizens Advisory Board on Elections. This past year I helped lead the California Clean Money Campaign to success in passing the  California DISCLOSE Act, bringing more transparency to the funding of political ads. I currently serve as facilitator of the KPFA Community Advisory Board (CAB) and help prepare the annual KPFA Community Needs Assessment. I also help advise the Local Station Board (LSB) on facilitation and parliamentary procedure to help resolve questions in meetings. I carefully follow the challenges that KPFA faces in relation to Pacifica’s debt and governance and my background in financial planning and many years of experience and training in communication skills and conflict resolution can help us to work together effectively. Most of all, I firmly believe in what Democracy Now’s Amy Goodwin describes as the “vital importance of independent media.”