Co-Producer The Long Shadow, longtime filmmaker, social justice activist, and community psychiatrist with decades of experience observing, documenting and participating in social change. Donald co-produced and co-directed Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? In his first film, Do No Harm, he was a gadfly to the medical industrial complex and dared to investigate and expose the controversial marketing and research practices of the pharmaceutical industry. His 2001 documentary Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House, about two lesbian activists in New York City, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, won over 20 festival awards, and aired on HBO and television stations around the world.

He previously served on the KPFA local station Board.  Donald was the director of Mental Health, Alcohol and substance abuse for Contra Costa County. He believes that we are experiencing a climate planetary emergency.

Goldmacher on why he is running.   

In these perilous times of an increasingly authoritarian Government, and a planetary climate emergency, it is vital that we have a radio network that is willing to tell the truth and stand up for the 99%. I previously served on the station board, and was part of the overwhelming majority that recommended the hiring of our current general manager, Quincy McCoy. In my opinion, he has not only stabilized the station both financially and programmatically, but also created a positive workplace environment.  It is vital that we continue to improve the quality of our broadcasts both locally and nationally, and that is why I am running on the United for Independent Radio slate. Each of us recognizes how important our station is to people living in the bay area for news, information, reporting on the political social movements, lifting our spirits, and alerting us to critical political events.

As you know, the network is saddled with a debt of $3.2 million, that must be paid off in the next several years. My previous experience as a senior manager in the healthcare arena, as well as my experience as a film producer of social justice documentaries, has provided me with skills that will allow me to make important decisions regarding both the station’s and the network’s ability to survive.