I am running for re-election.  I currently serve as Treasurer of the KPFA LSB. KPFA and Pacifica stand at a critical cross-road, with a $3.2 million loan to Pacifica secured by the KPFA studio building and two other Pacifica properties. The Pacifica National Board (PNB) has no plan to repay this loan except for vague statements about re-financing the loan. The PNB re-financing plan assumes, without evidence, that it will be possible to refinance the loan. I, along with other United for Independent Radio candidates, favor finding ways to meet Pacifica’s financial obligations without incurring additional debt.

I believe that the KPFA LSB should govern the station as set forth in the Pacifica Bylaws. I accept that LSB members have different views on a variety of issues, however I’m dedicated to having a functional Local Station Board despite these differences. When first elected to the LSB, I worked with a small group to hold a retreat for the KFPA LSB. This retreat began a process of communication across factional lines and has allowed the KPFA LSB to function more productively.

As one example of how the LSB is more productive, the KFPA LSB held a Town Hall meeting this past August. This was the first Town Hall meeting in several years, and KPFA LSB members heard the views of many listeners about KPFA and Pacifica. I hope to help organize another Town Hall next year, as well.

As Treasurer, I helped get KPFA’s budget approved in a timely manner. I’m also a lawyer in private practice, and have assisted Pacifica with processing documents required by the California Board of Equalization. If re-elected, I will continue my efforts to help effectively govern KPFA.

I support quality investigative journalism and trust listeners to engage in critical thinking. I support a wide diversity of views on KPFA with opportunities for listeners to call in with comments and questions. I believe that the KPFA airwaves and website are a critical means for spreading views that may be hard to find elsewhere. At a time when social media monopolies de-platform people and groups with whom they disagree, I believe that it is essential to protect and preserve KPFA.

A little more about me: I was the Vice-President of the National Lawyers Guild, SF Bay Area Chapter. I worked with members of the Berkeley community to help pass legislation protecting undocumented persons from being turned over to ICE, and I founded the NLG SF-BA Committee Against Torture.

I ask for your vote to continue my work on the KPFA LSB, and I hope you will vote for other United for Independent Radio candidates as well.