My name is Susan da Silva.  I was chair for 3 years of the first elected KPFA board, the one that wrote the bylaws.  Those bylaws must be re-written, or heavily amended, to simplify the structure, decrease the number of board members, create clearer reporting relationships and provide for sufficient fiscal accountability.

I am strongly in favor of finding ways to discharge Pacifica’s financial obligations without incurring additional debt.   Among Pacifica’s current debts is a $3.2M loan with the KPFA and KPFT buildings as collateral.  There is no repayment plan for this loan.   We are in serious danger of losing our building!  Even if new loans become available, continuing to kick the can down the road and get new loans is a terrible solution.  Any new loan effectively increases the debt.

KPFA and Pacifica boards should only approve budgets that are based in reality, not based on an inflated level of listener support, as has sometimes happened. It is an unpleasant reality, but belt tightening is in order.

Boards should not try to manage the stations, their content, or their management.   Management should keep their boards informed about what is occurring inside the stations, including personnel matters.  Managers should attend board meetings as often as possible.   

All station workers, paid or unpaid, deserve respect and access to whatever resources are available to help them produce good radio.  Management should engage in two-way communication with all workers on a regular basis.

More about me:

I’m retired from teaching (grades K, 3, 4, 6-8) and corporate work, where I was a computer programmer and manager in IT and project management departments

I grew up in Brazil and Portugal 

If you have read this far, you obviously care deeply about our precious KPFA.  I hope you will consider carefully all I have written and vote for me as one of your top choices.  I support the election of all the UIR candidates, so please keep their postcard if you receive one in the mail.