Since the early 70’s I have been a- KPFA member, listener and supporter.  I was elected to the KPFA LSB in December 2015 and have served as an LSB member for 3 years. I am running for re-election. I have tried to work co-operatively with most other Board members to advance the interests of KPFA and Pacifica.  I am presently working with others to help develop Bylaw amendments to make structural changes in the management of Pacifica to hopefully make it function better.

My view of the problems of Pacifica is that its management is based on the interests of 5 different radio stations which are geographically separated in some cases by large distances.  Each of the 5 radio stations sends 4 Delegates to become members of the Pacifica National Board.  None of the Directors are chosen to represent the interests of the network as a whole.  Invariably, the Directors act in the interests of their own stations and that frequently conflicts with the interests of the network itself and cripples the national organization.  Because of the geographic dispersal of the stations, the lack of adequate funding, and the changes in the media landscape that have occurred since the advent of the internet, Pacifica is faltering badly.

I want to change Pacifica’s governing structure so that its interests as a national network are better balanced between the parochial interests of each station.  To do that Pacifica needs to have a Board of Directors which combines Directors from each of the stations with Directors who are either appointed or are elected as “national” or “at large” directors.

The national or “at-large directors” should be people who have substantial experience in media,  finance, law or management of non-profit organizations.  The “at-large” Directors would represent the interest of the network as opposed to the interests of any one station.  Hopefully, the interests of each of the stations and the interests of the network would be in better balance.

One of the problems that developed in the late 1990’s was the attempted takeover of Pacifica by Washington D.C. liberal Democrats.  To protect the radical mission of Pacifica, under the plans being worked on to restructure Pacifica governance, all Directors would be subject to recall by the Members.

My background is that for the last 30 years I have been an attorney who specializes in representing medical malpractice victims against medical corporations.   I filed a lawsuit against the Pacifica National Board early this year to protect members rights to elect their own Delegates without political maneuvering and improper interference by the Pacifica National Board who ended up selecting their choice for one of the KPFA National Board Directors.