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We need your endorsement and your vote.  Our unity has taken a great effort -we have tamped down the antagonism.  We are committed to joint problem solving, determined to keep KPFA and Pacifica alive and become more useful in these troubled times.  With fascist elements occupying most of the Federal Government, the planet in crisis, it is important for unity.

Carol Spooner, Margy Wilkinson, Sally Sommer, Adrianne Lauby, Akio Tanaka, Aileen Alfandary, Christina Huggins, Andrea Turner, David Bacon, Bob Baldock, Philip Maldari, Sherry Gendelman, Carole Travis, Vanessa Tate, Timothy Lynch, Barbara Whipperman, Carol Wolfley, Sharon Adams, Curry Williams, Kathy Horsley, Zach Pine, David Wofford, Pam Reynolds, Don Goldmacher, Alison Paskal, Kit Olsson, Sabrina Jacobs, Emily Sykes, Gianna Ranuzzi, Luci Riley, Larry Bensky, Gay Chung, Steve Early, Suzanne Gordon, Jack Kurzweil, Michael Gardner, Pastor Lyvonne Proverbs, Jeannine Etter, Jonica Brooks, Kirk Kita, Juli Dickey, Marcia Roberts, Renée Passy-Zale, Bonnie Simmons, Aileen Alfandary, Jonica Brooks, Bruce Hobson, Evelyn Fujimoto, Ellen Pechman, Alice Mosley.

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