Support local and national programming addressing climate emergency, racist right wing nationalism, violence and militarism, jobs and poverty and inequality, immigrant rights, LGBTQ issues, women’s issues,  healthcare and housing crises, people’s culture and diverse activist movements.

Protect KPFA’s studio building with a solid financial plan that includes repayment of Pacifica’s $3.2 million loan secured by KPFA’s building and other Pacifica property.

Reorganize Pacifica’s dysfunctional governance system with smaller boards that set policy and keep the mission alive.

Develop resources to invest in technical upgrades for 21st century media to reach new audiences on new platforms.

Support KPFA staff, paid and unpaid: clear rules and responsibilities, a voice in the station, training opportunities, good working conditions, feedback, support and tools to do the job well.


Vote for Candidates United For Independent Radio

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